Water on Ice

The dark, rainy and wet winter is here. All snow has melted away. The sky is grey, day in and day out. It either rains water or a mixture of snow and water. It is cold and depressing.
I think no one can truly feel what it is like, until they have lived a couple of years in finland. You have to see for yourself. It is the time of year when many are asking themselves, what am I doing here? Why don’t I live somewhere else?
But as with everything in life, the is ease after the hardship. A golden line in the horizon. This winter does not last. Were are not in westeros, thanks to God.
The summer will come, and nowhere in the world you can appreciate the sun and the green, as here, when you have survived the dark and cold months.
This is a shot from our lake a few days ago. The lake was still frozen as it began to rain a lot. So the water is above the ice and gave the sea a strange look.


So long, awaiting the next sunshine 😚


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