To DSLR or not to DSLR? Or not at all :(

So finally I got to start this post I wanted to write soo long. When I started this blog, I thought my photography hobby is going to be pretty straight forward. As I have been photographing so many years now, it was time to step up the game.

With my old gear (Galaxy Note 4 and a Canon IXUS 220) I have come to some kind of end of our relationship. The mobile phone is easy as I have it always with me and it has a great “manual” focus with a fingertip. The Canon IXUS is great at night shots with the time exposure mode up to 15 seconds.

But as you know, you get only so far with a point and shoot. And the Galaxy Note is terrible at low-light photography.

The next step

The natural process would be a DSLR? And I thought of course this is going to be the next step.


I realised a few days ago a simple fact. I don’t have the time to go out photographing and carrying a bulky DSLR around. I simply can’t. It does just make no sense to buy an expensive camera and not using it at all.

So I am at a small dilemma. To really improve my photography I need a course or someone who can help and a camera with full manual controls. But at the moment I just don’t have the time for such adventures.

So I guess I will be updating this blog a bit less frequent, as I don’t really enjoy it at the moment. But it isn’t abandoned! If I am then still alive, I am confident that one day I will take up photographing again with a proper gear. 🙂

Of course I am very happy if you got some suggestions how to solve this (need a pocket DSLR, lol) feel free to use the comments 🙂

(The featured image of this post is one of the most popular images of my last blog.)



6 thoughts on “To DSLR or not to DSLR? Or not at all :(

  1. I love DSLR cameras. I love it that when wearing them, because I keep my condition up at the same time. 🙂

    The idea is the same as cycling. Many acquire multi gear bicycle, but the basic bike without gears, is actually a fantastic bike for exercise.

    There are by the way differences between DSLR cameras, but it is another story. I hope that You find the camera which suits for You.


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