It was an unreal morning. Everybody went on, hurrying to work or wherever they needed to be. The busy bees, buzzing from a to b, too desperate to earn the money for the mortgage or the next electrical status symbol.
I wonder how many of them truly stopped, just for a moment, to breath deeply and wonder about this amazing nature.
I was standing at our harbour and most of the world had disappeared. Such an odd feeling. Everything I knew was hidden under heavy fog, the sounds were strange and all other people and cars seem to be in another dimension. Here, but still not really here…







Fog is such an incredible nature phenomenon. It can be thick and heavy, covering everything – or just hanging on one place, covering only that area. The picture below is taken about one week later. The sky is clear. Our side of the lake is bright and sunny, but the city is occupied by that fog.  From the photographer perspective, the last image would have been better nearer to the city, as the fog was the focus of the image. What do you think?



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