A Night Full of Lights

It was time again for my favourite event in our city. The city of light – in Jyväskylä, Finland. The dark winter months are upon us, so this is the prefect time to get into the mood of beautiful spots of light everywhere.

At the center of Jyväskylä, at the church park a few giant rabbits had taken over the place. They are so adorable. It is created by the australian artist Amanda Parer and consist of over 7 meter high glowing rabbits.

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One part of the event is “Tourujoen Yö” (night of Touru-river) where the area around the river is light up with different art installations. A beautiful view were hundreds of lights lit up and let flow along the river on friday.

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Different art installations, lights and events were around the place yesterday and it was amazing, all people were so happy and friendly. I really do love this event.

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I saw so many people with proper cameras and tripods. I had not my tripod with me, but the point and shoot canon can make decent photos in long exposure mode, just have to find a place to put the camera. Of course you can see from many of the shots that they are not so great. Not sharp and without the right composition. But it is still a memory, captured in pictures and a good lesson to learn.

My favourite art installation is the bird like animal in the last slide show. It has something frightening on it.

I did not photograph all of the art installations, as mostly I was busy looking that the kids don’t disappear in the dark 🙂


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