Day 9 – A Pop of Color

The WordPress community is a really nice one! I have met only amazing people so far. 🙂 Thanks to a fellow blogger who sent me the missing course emails, I am able to complete the course! *happy*

So today’s theme is “A Pop of Color” and with starting of autumn it is not hard to find colors. It is interesting how some trees has turned yellow almost overnight, but other almost as green as in summer. Mostly everything is still green now with the first third of september gone, but the morning air has already this fresh breeze of autumn. I can’t wait to see the real autumn colors and smell the autumn forest.

This image is of a tree which there is a group of on our morning way to the daily grind. In sunshine they are so beautiful and brighten up every stressful morning. I am very happy to live in Finland. It is a beautiful country, with good and bad, but still a good place to live.



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