Day 6 – Solitude

I thought this topic is gonna take forever too 😃 I wanted to wait until I would be able to go deep in to the wilderness. I just love the forest, it’s quietness, the green everywhere.
But, I want to do my model shooting now! And in lack of real models, a plastic one should do it.
So below my interpretation of solitude. A place where no one calls your name, no dishes, no laundry awaiting for you. Just you. Alone. What a lovely place 😀


3 thoughts on “Day 6 – Solitude

  1. Being on the introverted side, I enjoy living the in woods myself (in WV). My closest neighbors are shy of 1/4″ mile away. A walk to the mailbox is 1 mile away. Having lived here for more than a dozen years, I realize that being a hermit is actually rather difficult. Friends come to visit form the city to get their nature-fix. Neighbors, though physically distance, call with favors to be granted, etc.

    Having lived in NYC some two dozen years ago, I also realize that one can be alone among millions of other people.

    Connection and solitude are as much attitude as population density.

    Photo critique: hmmmm. I like the fading-in-light horizon line. But, the more that I looked at the leading lines of the dark grey against light grey, and the doll, the more my mind said, “Hey, that’s a doll on the carpet.” But, maybe that gets back to my hypothesis about being alone in the middle of urban living… Yanking my chain, are you? 🙂


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