Day 5 – Connect

Aah another tough one! I have been thinking a lot about this. There are so many ways to interpret the topic “connect”.
I thought about connections between people, they are very important to our well-being humans. But how to interpret that without having models working for you? And again, the lack of free time to setup a scene and missing gear. (Ok I have to stop whining about the missing proper camera 😀 )
So my picture is a photo of a very dear jewelry I got from my grandmother many years ago. It is called “Viipurin Rinkilä” and it is a traditional finnish jewelry from “Kalevala Koru”. The story of the design house is very fascinating, as it was founded by a woman in 1930, using historical jewelry as basis for the designs. The design of this neclace dates back to the 11th century.
As a muslim revert woman, born in finland but living most of my life abroad, I had a long time felt “unrooted”. Belonging nowhere. Many finnish people mistake me for a foreigner because of my hijab. But I am no arab either, my skin is too bright and my eyes too blue.
Only in the last years after searching for my roots, tracking back my ancestors (I got until the 17th century) and reading, experiencing, hearing about the finnish culture and the traditions, I feel finally rooted. Mostly I fell in love with the carelian culture and their wedding and lament songs.
I feel now connected with my country, the strong women of it, it’s traditions and of course with nature. This neclace is a important part of my roots, representing a part of me I will never be able to deny (and why should I), even if my daily life looks so different to the life those women of past ages. I am still a part of the chain of these generations.


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