Day 4 – Bliss

Ok I am so totally late with this. Following a bunch of excuses:

Firstly this was really a difficult theme for me. The problem was not finding something with the theme “bliss”, but to choose one of them! I have so many things which are a bliss to me, which makes me happy and what I am thankful for. The first thing came into my mind was a picture of my prayer mat. Because this is the ultimate bliss, there is nothing else in this world that gives you such a peace of mind and a bliss to your soul. The next thing I wanted to take a picture of was the Quran. And the sun shining. A picture of my children. A squirrel outside. The sun. A warm breeze in the trees. The incredible huge storm clouds I saw on saturday. And so on and so on.

Secondly I got sick the last days, so I felt too tired to sit down and empty the memory card. But today is better.

So following is the picture I choose. It is a photo of a glass of hot water with ginger and lemon balm. The best drink when you are sick. Pour boiling water on them and leave for 10 minutes. Take the ginger and the lemon balm out, squeeze a bit lemon juice in and add at least one little spoon of honey. Surely a bliss when feeling ill.


I tried many different angles for the shoot, I am not sure if this a good one, but hey, I had a plenty of excuses, or? 🙂

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