Day 3 – Water

We have a lot of water today! It was raining most of the day. I really like the rain. But pictures of rain are out of my reach without the proper gear. They look all fuzzy.
So my practise shoot is a picture of my flower vase. It is made of glass and has water and some beautiful small flowers in it. But the approach is today a bit artistic, like yesterday 😊


2 thoughts on “Day 3 – Water

  1. I toy with abstraction with ambivelence. My brain wants to “see” something familiar, but once I make such an interpretation it is difficult to not see that object. On the other hand, holding onto seeing what is on the canvas, or other abstracted medium, without subjecting to my own ideas takes some effort. I am more comfortable with Renaissance to Englightenment era symbolism (all those Greek mythology and Christian images, you know).

    I like your technique of using a macro-image to crop out what would have immediately said, “Here is still life of a vase”. Some years ago, when traveling in the Southwest (USA), I took a series of badly-shot photos and made them into abstractions instead. Enjoy.



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