Day 1 – Home

I started the 10 day challenge from WordPress, I have to say it is a great idea!
So the first topic is “home”. My picture is a unconventional one, I think. It is because today was the first time I saw my “home”. It is a picture of the Historica building, the department of history and etnology from university of jyväskylä.
I have been dreaming about studying etnology (I assume a more common term is antropology?) for some time now, and today I was in the campus to ask a lot of questions. 😊
The whole campus felt like home, from the first moment I entered. Therefore I added a bit dream like feeling into this image, it still feels like a dream.  I cannot describe the excitement!
Hopefully it will be reality next autumn. 7 months to prep for the entrance examination! So exciting!


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