What did I do wrong?

The moment I saw the amazing colors of the sky, I knew I have to go hunting. Hunting for the perfect picture. What could go wrong? The colors are amazing, the composition will be great (I have taken a lot pictures of this bridge), my camera battery is fully loaded and with empty memory card…

I climbed even through a wet bush to get to the perfect place for this picture. I pointed my camera and took a lot of pictures with different settings. At least one of them has to be it?

Back home again and unloading the memory card, opening the folder, clicking through the pictures, feeling the panic raising in my stomach.

All of the pictures are horrible! None of them is clear and somehow fuzzy. I tried even the setting for low light images…

Such a moment of disappointment.

Is this the moment to acknowledge that I simply need a better gear, or is it possible to shoot such a picture with a simple digital camera? I did not try the manual settings with ISO 100 and others, I think I should have?

(For info, I used the Canon IXUS 220)

You can see the least worst picture below. I don’t think I can rescue anything with a few filters? Maybe I try to add it to instagram, maybe it will work there…


And as usual, I would soo love to hear your comments and tips!

14 thoughts on “What did I do wrong?

  1. Did you use a tripod?? Might be just camera shake or your autofocus was set to spot ???

    Ps im not an expert hope you sort it out. If you can get the exif data from the pic that might rule out a few things as well


    1. Thanks! No I did not use a tripod. I assumed it would be enough light. Hmm… 🤔 the autofocus was not on spot, I think.

      Thanks for the tip with the data, I will check that!


      1. No worries if you want to send me the worst one and the one you posted i will have a look if i can see what happened. Let me know. Have a great sunday


  2. A beautiful sight for sure! I tried to use manual for a bit but as I don’t usually have time to play with it I have opted to just go with automatic. Terrible of me but I really don’t want to be somewhere and go home to see that all the photos are bad 😦


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