Abandoned tractor and post-processing problems

Recently I went out chasing a storm. It was a huge thunder cloud, I took a decent amount of pictures. But later more about that.
On the way back I turned away from the main road, just because I like adventures 😆. I found a farm with a huge field and some abandoned tractors in it. It looked so surreal as I leap into the meter high grass. A bit frightening too.
But no, I did not find any bodies, just a lot spiders and a folder full of shots.
The pictures were not so good, as the circumstances of having not enough light, no proper camera and a dying phone battery made shooting difficult. (Not mentioning the mosquitos)
But I chose this one as the winner.


The post-processing part was the most difficult and this was done with the app pixlr which have an amazing range of filters and effects. But the small screen size makes it hard.
What do you think of the outcome? I had played with a lot of other effects too. You can see the original image below. If you have suggestions on better edits, I’d be thrilled.


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